Could you get to Cooperstown without a map?

Sure, you probably could.  But you’d make a few wrong turns along the way.  You’d waste time and resources (gas) and with today’s prices, that could cost a pretty penny.

The same is true of marketing plans.  Can you be successful without one?  You bet.  Will you get there as quickly or with a full tank of gas?  Nope.  95 business owners out of 100 do not have a marketing plan.  They have no written map that will show them how they plan on getting to their goals.  So guess what?  Most of them never get there.  Of the 5% that actually have a written plan — less than 3% actually refer to it or use it as an action plan.

Do you have a written marketing plan?  If you do — is it gathering dust or propelling you towards your success?

Why not hop on the highway and beeline for your company’s version of Cooperstown?  (BTW…for those of you who didn’t recognize it, Cooperstown is the home to the baseball hall of fame.)  If you’re headed that way, don’t forget your map!

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