Case Studies

As you can imagine — in 22+ years, we’ve done a lot of work we’re proud of and that our clients still love and use today. Rather than bog you down with stacks of examples — here’s a small handful.  If you want to see more around a specific problem we solved, a medium or channel, just ask.


In the very crowded summer camp space, Schoolhouse of Wonder (SHOW) needed to break through the clutter. MMG helped SHOW put the spotlight on the uniqueness of their location (state parks) and the once in a lifetime experiences their campers got as a result. (see the full case study)







When Professional Solutions Insurance Services came to us, they wanted to introduce themselves to the marketplace as the small business insurance expert. Since they were just starting the company, we needed to be budget conscious but very strategic in our marketing approach. Our challenge was to uncover the best way to engage their target market – small business owners – and help them start meaningful dialogue that would lead to sales. (see the full case study)






When the Iowa Mentoring Partnership came to us they were looking for tools they could give mentoring organizations to help promote the benefits mentoring has on communities, mentees and mentors. (see the full case study)







ISEA wanted to celebrate and commemorate their 150th anniversary and all the successes they’d achieved in that time. We helped them develop an entire year’s plan for honoring their past as well as celebrating what was to come. (see the whole case study)







The state of Iowa is all about math and science — given that we are home to some of the world’s biggest employers in that space (agribusiness, bio fuels, computer science, etc.) so the leaders of the state are investing in getting Iowa high school students interested in math and science. Our challenge was to capture the kids’ attention, while also explaining to their teachers and administrators – and other influencers – what IMSEP is doing to grow the number of math and science teachers in the state. (see the whole case study)






We were hired to launch the new HAWK-I insurance program. The challenge was that the working poor did not want charity and were offended when it was offered. We had to help them understand that by applying for the health insurance, they were only getting their kids what they deserved – a chance to be healthy. (see the whole case study)