More leads and sales

We like to keep score.

We’re sure there are some people who like to play board games or bat the ball over the net just for fun. We aren’t those people. We are not cut-throat about it but we like to win. For us, there’s no point in playing the game if you don’t define the rules and play to the best of your ability — all with the goal of being better than you were before and ultimately — winning.

We view marketing through the same lens. None of our clients, no matter how large, has an infinite budget. Every dollar we spend has to yield something that gets us closer to the finish line.  Sometimes the yield is that we learn something new about our prospects. Sometimes it’s that we get a repeat sale from a happy client.  And often, it’s that we’ve moved a prospect a little further in the sales funnel towards their first purchase.

Marketing is an imprecise science for sure. But that doesn’t mean we can’t measure. We start every new client relationship and project by defining what we are going to measure. We set success metrics and then gauge our efforts against those tangible measurables.

We drive leads by attracting the right prospects to who you are as a company, what you sell/do and how you are different from everyone else in your space. That not only turns into the first sale but it turns into a customer for life. That’s where the ROI is. We all know that the most expensive sale is the first one.

We know that you need to keep the customers you have, be so valuable to them that they spend even more with you, all while getting new customers that you can delight over and over again.

We believe that every organization has what we call a “sweet spot client” and those are the groups of people we should be targeting with our efforts. They’re the ones who are going to love us and love us for a long time! There’s no reason to chase people who never have the potential of becoming raving fans. Most businesses cast too wide of a net and “catch” a lot of customers who are price shoppers or are never going to be satisfied. Given that every single consumer has the ability to publish content about your brand — that is not a good idea.

Instead, we believe our efforts should be about cultivating relationships with those sweet spot clients who have the potential to not only stick around for a long time once you win that first sale — but will tell everyone they know how awesome you are.

We drive leads. We drive sales. But most of all — we help you find those customers that are going to be ROI generating over and over again. Those are numbers we love to count!