Could you possibly show more apathy?

United Airlines Caravelle PhiladelphiaImage by j3net via Flickr

I hate to pound on the airlines.  They’ve been bloodied and beaten up enough.  But man, they make it easy to shake your head and mutter under your breath.

I flew United today from Des Moines to Denver to Jackson Hole, WY.  (You don’t get anywhere direct from DSM!)  When we landed in Denver, everyone waited like Pavlov’s dogs for the seat belt bell to ring and then leapt from their seat.  Only to stand there.  And stand there.  And stand there.

Finally, the flight attendant got on the PA and announced that the gate agent couldn’t figure out how to get the jetway to move towards the plane so they’d called in back up.

No apology.  No "we know you have connections, we’ll call them and explain" or even a "I know this is absurd but…"  Nothing.  She did however, go to the galley and grab herself a can of soda.  The only thing she could have done that would have been more insulting is if she’d started to file her nails.

I’m not ranting because I missed my connection (I didn’t) or because we had to wait 30 minutes (we didn’t) or that in the grand scheme of things it ruined anyone’s day (I doubt it did) but simply because if there is anything that will kill your business — it is apathy.

If you don’t have a passion for the work you do, the people you serve and the product/service you deliver — then stop doing it.  If you can’t get worked up over your work — find different work.

What does this have to do with marketing?  Everything.  But this things long enough today, so let’s cover that tomorrow, okay?

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