Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!

Even if you don’t like baseball (which, btw is sick and wrong) you have to like the song Centerfield by John Fogerty.  Great melody and a great message.

The song is about passion for the game and a hunger to play it.  That’s sort of how I’ve been feeling about blogging of late.

Once my blog coach, Mike Sansone, turned me onto the power of blogging, I’ve been hooked.  Images_1

Mike’s an amazing combination of coach, cheerleader, and play coordinator.  He’s helped me with the technology, the culture and the nuts and bolts of blogging.  The generosity of his spirit is only eclipsed by his vast knowledge on the subject.  That’s what makes a player or a coach great.  Anyone can understand the rules of the game or even the mechanics of it.  But, when something ignites your passion and you can’t wait to step up to the plate again — that’s what makes a champion.  And in the world of blogging, Mike is just that — a champion.

So, if in the infancy of my blog I am doing anything right — clearly it is a credit to Mike.  I am pretty darn sure that any of the mistakes I have or will make along the way are all mine!

Thanks coach for helping me get into the game!

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4 comments on “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!

  1. Mike Sansone says:

    Drew – Thanks for the props, though I think you’ve been doing this for awhile, just a new bat in your hands:-)

    Have fun and be contagious with it.

  2. Mike,

    New bat or not…it’s nice to have you by the bag, giving me the signals!


  3. ann michael says:

    Drew –

    I don’t know Mike very well, but from what I see, he’s pretty awesome. Kudos to you for picking such a great coach!


  4. Ann,

    You said it — Mike Sansone is one heck of a coach! The really sweet thing is our coaching sessions consist of baseball metaphors and references so it doesn’t even feel like work!


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