Sex or money?

Depending on the specifics, both can be pretty motivating, can’t they?

Actually, sex and money are two of the eight key benefits that trigger us to buy something.  Heck, they trigger us to buy just about everything.  Want to know the other six?

Drew’s Eight Emotional Buying Triggers

1. Time/convenience

2. Money

3. Recovering something lost (like your youth)

4. Sex

5. Knowledge/self improvement

6. Security/safety

7. Comfort

8. Care of loved ones

Marketers love to list features.  That’s because they are too lazy or too egocentric and can’t stop thinking from their own point of view.  When a marketer is smart and thinks from the buyers’ shoes, they talk benefits.  Help your customers achieve one of the above motivators and you have a sale.

Want to read more about the subject of emotional buying?  Check out Daniel Goleman’s "Working With Emotional Intelligence."  It’s a fascinating read.

Don’t make your potential customers figure it out for themselves.  Whether you are offering them an hour to spend with their kids, sex appeal, or an extra $20 in their pocket — tell them!

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