Better to not do it at all


It is one of the cornerstones to a good marketing and branding foundation.  Ann Michael at Manage to Change has a fantastic post on this topic.   Her point (and warning) is such an excellent one.  If you aren’t going to deliver on it consistently — don’t start.  It’s, as my daughter used to say, mean teasing.

Ann’s focus is on your customers and she’s right on the money.  But it holds just as true for employees.  How you treat your team speaks volumes to your customers, vendors and potential employees.  Don’t think its not being watched and judged.  So again — don’t do what you aren’t willing to keep doing.

At my agency, McLellan Marketing Group, I have always worked with the notion that I want to ruin my employees so they can’t possibly imagine working any place else.  I hire remarkably smart, creative people.  So I know my competitors are always looking to steal them.  I want to create a work environment  that demonstrates I’m as committed to them as I need them to be to our clients.  Here are some of the things we do to keep everyone motivated and happy.

~ Weekly concierge service from our good friends at Legs on Lease (someone to run their errands)
~ Professional masseuse doing chair massages
~ We close the office at noon on Fridays
~ An annual education allowance
~ Free soda (when you have to be creative on demand…caffeine is important!)
~ We just took a 3 day trip to Mpls as a team and people could bring spouses etc.

We take the same "let’s spoil them to death" attitude with our clients.  Come to a meeting at our place — you’ll get freshly baked cookies.  Every time.  Is that a reason for them to choose us?  Of course not.  But do you think they notice if they can’t smell the cookies when they come in?  You bet they do.

How can you spoil your employees and clients?  What’s something that is uniquely branded you but also, to Ann’s point, something you are going to commit to doing for the long haul?

To stand out in the crowded marketplace you need to do both.  Be audaciously true to your brand AND be consistent.  So what could you do?

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