Blogtipping. Friend or foe?


I fully admit I am still a neophyte in the blogosphere.  I aspire to be a seasoned vet and no doubt will get there one day.  But I’m still learning.

I spotted an interesting trend over the past few days that has been given the moniker of blogtipping.  The premise is a simple one.  On the first of every month, bloggers introduce their community to 2-3 new blogs.  With each introduction is a shout out for a few things that make the blog good and the author then offers one tip on how the blog could be even better.

Easton Ellsworth gets the nod for starting this new custom.  Ann Michael, Mike Sansone, Phil Gerbyshak and Liz Strauss took blogtipping to a hilarious turn by creating a 4-part ode to the notion.  Cute…you bet.  But does it make marketing sense?

Traditional views in marketing is that the world is a competitive place. Does it make sense to tell your “customers” about something they might like better than what you have to sell?   Shouldn’t you do  everything in your power to keep them enamored with you and their eyes off any potential competitor?

Nope.  Have you ever tried to hold a puppy who didn’t want to be held?  They squirm, wiggle and whimper until you let go.  Customers are the same way.  No one wants to feel bound against their will.  You will earn their loyalty and respect (and repeat business) by demonstrating that you know them well enough to point them in the direction of other products, services and in this case, blogs that they will benefit from discovering.

The benefits to you?  Clients love referrals.  If you introduce them to something/one they love, they’ll love you even more!  The other benefit?  If you scratch my back, I might scratch yours.  It’s human nature to learn more about someone who makes a referral to you.  If you’re a good fit for their audience, those you have tipped will probably return the favor.

Is there a downside?  I don’t think so.  I highly doubt that anyone unsubscribes from a blog which has successfully blogtipped them to another great blog.  After all, you’ve just demonstrated that you know your customer well enough to know what else they’ll enjoy.

So blogtipping is a great marketing strategy!  And I will be joining the fray of tippers come November 1st!  Hats off to Easton and everyone else who embraces the blogosphere by recognizing that believing in abundance is a much smarter strategy than clinging to the poor puppies!

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