How will you join in on Make a Difference Day?

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USA Weekend magazine declared that October 28th is Make a Difference Day.  Cool idea.  Sure…every day should be (and can be) make a difference day, but there’s something powerful about the idea of an entire nation working together on that goal, all in one fell swoop. 

So on a personal level, I challenge you.  How are you going to make a difference on that day?  But wait, I’m not done.  On a business level — how could your team/organization make a difference?  There’s great team building and a sense of greater good that comes from working together to help someone else.

At McLellan Marketing Group, we’ve adopted families during the holidays, bought items for a womens shelter, volunteered for a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish and many other community building activities.

I’m sure the recipients of our good works benefited from them, but really we were the ones who got the most out of it.  We felt good, did good and had fun doing it.  Best of all, our team was strengthened by the common experience.

How are you going to make a difference?

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