Images_5 Do you still think of your cellular phone as a way to call home to see if you need to pick up milk?  Probably not.  It’s a way to keep track of phone numbers, your calendar and surf the web, right?


It is also one of the latest marketing mediums to surface.  Text message marketing is just the beginning.  Want to be reminded of your favorite show’s start time?  Odds are, if you go to the show’s official website, you can make that happen.

Want to know when you favorite bar has live music?  Yup, that’s available too.

Right now the technology has largely been adopted by consumer products — beer and soft drink companies, couponable transactions, destinations.  But, can the B to B applications be far behind?

Lenveno, a computer company that acquired IBM’s personal computing division last year is saying no.  This summer they ran a mobile promotion aimed at small business decision makers.  Their goal, to build awareness for the ThinkPad PC brand.

The campaign achieved a 188% increase in aided brand awareness and 156% in product recall.

Impressive, eh?  And we’re just beginning to see this tactic.  Want to read more about it?  Check out what they have to say over at the spillover effect.

Ask yourself this — if your current customers gave you their cell phone number — how could you add value, increase loyalty and create incremental sales?

Interesting question.

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