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21121021 Made you look, eh?

That’s the beautiful power of the P.S.  When you are writing any sort of direct mail letter, always include a P.S.  The two most critical elements of your letter are the headline and the P.S.   Ask yourself this question — if they only glance at this document, what is the one thing you want them to know?  Guess where it belongs?  Yup — the P.S.

Roberta Rosenberg, the Copywriting Maven, gives some great tips on writing a stronger P.S.  It’s well worth the read. 

I will say that I disagree with her third tip — use two P.S.’s.  I think it waters down the effectiveness of the technique.  But that’s nitpicking.  Overall, I think she’s right on the money.

I’ll also give you a warning — a P.S. does not work as well on a blog post because so often it will appear below the scroll.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use one, just don’t expect it to have the same effect as it would on a traditional direct mail letter.

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3 comments on “P.S. Don’t miss this post!

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Drew! (And you’re absolutely right about the PS on a blog post or email. A useful technique still, but not as effective as in a traditional letter.)

  2. Roberta,

    Glad to have you drop by…your blog is an excellent resource for writers. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


  3. A recipient says:

    I hate being on the receiving end of letters and emails with a PS. It’s past its sell by date. Are you disorganised and forget to include the message earlier? Are you trying to sell me something?

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