Creativity Tip: Ask, ask, ask

Images2_3 In my day job, I have to be creative on demand.  As I am sure you can relate…some days, I don’t feel very creative.  I can’t wait until the muses arrive.  I need to be innovative, original and engaging. Now.


So I collect creativity triggers.  Games I can play, ways to twist the common into something fresh and brainwipes…ways to clear my head of all the expected, to make room for new ways of looking something.  If you too need this sort of creativity thumping now and then, I’m going to post some creativity tips every once in awhile.

Here’s one that usually serves me well. 

Be like a reporter.  Query the situation, problem, product that you’re needing to be creative about.  Not a who, what, where, how kind of an interview, but more of an in depth character study.  Do it out loud if you have to, but really dig in.  Ask probing questions.  Assume the persona of your interview subject to "feel" the answers.  I know it sounds a little silly but you’ll be amazed at the interesting insights.  Give it a spin and let me know how it works for you.

P.S.   If you want a big bundle of creativity, check out Roger von Oech‘s books, blog and tools.  My favorite is his Creative Whack Pack — a deck of cards with creative thinking strategies and tips.  You’ll love his stuff!

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