Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review Series: Apple

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When I read on Easton Ellsworth’s blog about the Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Project, I decided I wanted to participate.  The premise is simple…volunteer bloggers choose one or more of the Fortune 500 companies and do a little legwork to see if the company has an official blog.  Post it wiki style and voila, together we have created some pretty impressive knowledge.

I chose one of my favorite companies, #159 Apple. (AAPL) I have to admit, I made the assumption that of course they’d have a corporate blog.  I mean, come on…it’s Apple.

Typical of Apple, they aren’t doing it like most others.  Instead, on their homepage is a link to what they call Hot News with an RSS feed.  But the Hot News is a blend of internal news and links to outside sources, like O’Reilly Digital Media and the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

There are no opportunities to comment or trackback.  So not exactly a blog, but more than a website. 

There are plenty of unofficial blogs focusing on Apple, their products, et al as you might imagine.  Technorati lists over 4,300 of them.

If you haven’t grabbed a company to research — grab one soon.  I’m off to add my 2 cents to the wiki.

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2 comments on “Fortune 500 Corporate Blog Review Series: Apple

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  2. hey apple is a great brand… I love Mac’s

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