Our glass was WAY past full this morning!

Did you feel it?  About 8:30 central time (US)? A slight rumble underfoot?  An eerie aura or sense that it was no ordinary day?

Me too.  Because here in Des Moines, IA (the blogging capital of the world) we had a gathering.  And a guest.

Starbucker of Ramblings From a Glass Half Full was in KC for business and decided he had to come up and see what the blogging mecca of Des Moines was all about.  As you can see, he had dinner with Tim Johnson of Carpe Factum last night and then got some good rest so he was ready for “DSM Goes a Blogging”  (no, not clogging Tom VW) this morning.

What ensued was quite a bit of raucous laughter at Panera, as we online friends put faces and voices to the thoughts and ideas we’ve been sharing together for months.  It was tough, after more than 90 minutes, to drag myself away and actually get to the day job.  But I have no doubt we’ll get together again.

Here’s a snapshot of the motley crew.  In order, from left to right (or as I like to think of it…most handsome to….)

Sandy Renshaw of Purple Wren
Tom Vander Well of QAQNA
Tim Johnson of Carpe Factum
Mike Sansone of Converstations
Starbucker the guest of honor (gotta love a guy who only uses one name!) of Glass Half Full
Mike Wagner of Own Your Brand


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6 comments on “Our glass was WAY past full this morning!

  1. Hi Drew,

    Looks like you had fun! First time to your site, but I liked what I saw, and so I hit the “Subscribe” button. And then I noticed that you had linked me. Wow!

    I’ll be following your posts.

    Best wishes,

    Roger von Oech

  2. Roger,

    We had a grand time, as though we’d been friends for a very long time. Fascinating to think computers and blogging introduced me to people who live right down the street, as well as half way across the country.

    I’m flattered at your praise. I have to tell you, your Whack Pack is one of my favorite “prizes” to give away when I give keynotes and presentations.

    I look forward to more conversations!


  3. This was quite an event Drew. I can’t wait to meet you all (in person) in 2007!

  4. Phil,

    You were definitely with us in spirit. You name came up several times in the conversation and we all commented that we wished you were along for the ride!

    We’re ready to throw a “Phil is Here” gathering. You just tell us when!


  5. Drew, thanks again for joining us yesterday (and for your gift); long may our blogging community prosper! Look forward to continuing our conversation.

  6. Terry,

    Heck, you re-arranged your trip details and drove 3 hours just to see all of us. Don’t thank us — we’re all grateful that you made the effort!

    I look forward to returning the favor one of these days.


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