What do you believe in?

Images_1 It’s really my goal with this blog to create dialog about marketing, branding, customers and doing business.  But one of the really unique things about blogs is that no matter the topic, they get personal.  I love how the better blog writers artfully weave bits of their personality, lives and passions into their posts.

A great example of that is a post that I first saw several weeks ago.

over at Ramblings from A Glass Half Full created quite a flurry of posts, links and trackbacks with his post inspired by one of my top ten films Bull Durham.  Starbucker’s post was called  Crash Davis and the Belief Statement – My Turn.

I thought his post and the posts that followed were inspiring, thought-provoking and quite revealing about the authors.  I decided I would take a stab at it myself, but it has taken me awhile to really mull over what beliefs I held so fervently that I should include them.

So, a little late in the game…here’s what I believe in.  I hope that this post might re-spark some other folks to jump in and add to the chorus. 

I believe…

  • being a dad is the most important thing I’ll ever do and that my daughter is my legacy to this world.
  • in God’s grace.
  • passion cannot be ignored.
  • in the healing powers of walking along the ocean.
  • in savoring when you hit the sweet spot…and knowing how to recreate it.
  • everyone should have at least one guilty pleasure and one place that makes them feel like a kid again. (Mine is Disney World!)
  • life’s best smells are babies, a puppy’s belly, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, the softness of a special perfume as you dance to a slow song and a horse barn.  (I do not necessarily recommend that these smells be mixed)
  • good people become great people when they give from their hearts and that most bad people are good people who are stuck.
  • we are never too old to play and be silly. 
  • that nothing says I love you quicker than holding hands.
  • baseball is a metaphor for life and that doing what’s right often means hitting a sacrifice bunt.
  • the word empower should be removed from the English language.
  • we all decide the spirit of our day.
  • in the resilience of the human spirit, the depth of the human heart and the potential of the human imagination.
  • that everything is about relationships and people hunger to connect.
  • I am on this earth to be a part of things bigger than myself, to give all that I have and to love without hesitation or reservation.

What do you say…will you join in?

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10 comments on “What do you believe in?

  1. What a great idea, Drew. Here’s my list of “What I Believe in” which is always open to revision and expansion.

    I believe:

    ** In the power of humor to heal

    ** That it’s critical to personal mental health to never take oneself seriously

    ** In old-fashioned work ethic

    ** In the joy of giving away what is freely given to you

    ** The total cuteness of baby shoes and socks

    ** That we are G-d’s partners in the ongoing process of creation

    ** In taking responsibility for my own crap

    ** That nothing smells better than teeny tiny kittens … except the smell of fresh-baked bread

    ** That everyone should take responsibility for their own crap

    ** That everyone has something to teach us

    ** The power of MommaLove

    ** That while love may make the world go ’round, I’d be happy with loads more respect for one another

    ** In power of forgiveness

    ** And like Crash, I believe in long, wet kisses that go on for days

    Thanks for letting me share!

  2. Roberta,

    What a great list and what wonderful beliefs to live by! Thank you so much for sharing.

    It looks like you and I would be pretty darn happy in a bevy of puppies and kittens!


  3. Starbucker says:

    Thank Drew for the link and for putting your belief statement out there for the world to see (and a great one it is!). And Roberta, I loved yours too.
    BTW Drew, I’m going to be in Des Moines on Friday (11/10) and am meeting a few of my other blogging friends at the Panera on University (West Des Moines, I believe)for some chat and coffee at around 8:30AM – if you could stop by it would be great to meet you! All the best.

  4. Buon giorno Drew,

    I found you through Ann’s Manage to Change. Interesting lists, both yours and Roberta’s. They show we are ‘tuttotondo’ creatures — I like that all senses are involved.

    I agree with Roberta, lists are snapshots in time. Here’s my current one:

    * Communicating and joining a conversation in real time can do wonders for the world and us

    * Listening with an open mind and a welcoming heart

    * Being interested rather than trying to be interesting

    * Leaving a place in a better condition than you found it

    * Putting the heart back into people with compassion, respect, and complete acceptance of who they are/where they are on their journey (this is tough)

    * Living passion with joy can teach us what experience takes years to do

    * Embracing chaos is fundamental to creation and growth as it moves us outside our comfort zone

    * Believing in yourself, your ability to give, your intelligence, and your unique gifts

    * Connecting and relating is who we are, we should embrace our natural spirit of inquiry

    Thank you for providing the opportunity to think and share.

  5. Starbucker,

    I honestly think your Crash Davis type posts are your gift to the blogosphere. You create opportunities for people to reflect and share. Thank you for doing that.

    Consider me there on Friday. I can’t wait to meet you!


  6. Valeria,

    Thanks so much for not only dropping by but even moreso…sharing your list.

    I love your list…but I especially love your comment about chaos. That is so true. When I stopped fighting it and just accepted it as part of my reality — life got a whole lot more interesting!

    I hope you’ll come by again soon.


  7. Starbucker says:

    Great Drew – we’ll keep a chair warm for you. See you Friday.

  8. Oh man, I wish I was meeting you guys at Panera’s this Friday, too!

    I’ve been enjoying everyone’s lists immensely.

  9. Kam,

    I knew you’d have a great list!

    And your list is exactly what I expected it to be — you present yourself so authentically!

    Talk to me some more about “walking the line.” What do you mean by that?


  10. Roberta,

    Hop on a plane…Des Moines is beautiful this week. You get here and we’ll buy the coffee!


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