Who are you calling an SOB?

Those of you who know me won’t be all that surprised that I got called an SOB today.  But in this case, it was actually a compliment!Sobbutton3

Liz Strauss of Successful Blog recognizes a few blogs every week that, in her words…

"They take the conversation to their readers, contribute great ideas, challenge us, make us better, and make our businesses stronger.  I thank every one of our SOBs for thinking what we say is worth passing on.  Good conversations shared can only improve the blogging community."

I’m honored to be included among Liz’s very esteemed list of bloggers who have something of note to say.   Check out this week’s list and Liz’s past honorees in her Hall of Fame links.

Thanks for the nod Liz…I will do my best to live up to your moniker SOB!


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