You are boring me.

Boring_2 I sat across from a potential client this week while he bemoaned the fact that he kept sending news releases but no one, not TV, radio or print, would pick up his stories. 

He wasn’t happy with me when I told him the reason he wasn’t getting coverage was because he was boring the reporters.  (I was more kind in the delivery. ..but the point was the same.)

He was sending them information that mattered to him.  But not to the reporters.  It’s not their job to help him sell his wares.  It’s their job to engage their audience.

Before you send your next news release, ask yourself why anyone but you would care.  If you can answer the question — there’s your lead sentence.  If you can’t — think twice before you bore them.

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5 comments on “You are boring me.

  1. My speech and homiletics profs taught me “it is a sin to be boring in public”.

    I’d say that goes for press releases too.

    And nothing is more boring than irrelevance.

    Good post, good advice, Drew!

  2. Mike,

    Your profs were right on the money, of course. It sure feels like disrespect when someone talks to us about something we could care less about.

    It clearly communicates either they didn’t do their homework or they just don’t care about what I need or want. Either way, not messages we want out there.


  3. Nice post Drew. If people would realize how many “press releases” come across the average journo’s desk, they would probably hold off sending one until they had something to say. There is an awful misconception that if you just persist, they will give in eventually. They won’t of course. Not unless it’s newsworthy.

  4. David,

    Good to have you drop by! You’re right, of course. Persistent press releases do not breed success. In fact, if anything, they annoy even the best intended journalist and leave a bad taste in their mouth.

    Which means getting their attention when you actually have something to say even harder.

    Stop by again soon!


  5. CK,

    Much as I suspect you are, I’m known for being a straight-shooter. I believe that my clients are paying me to be honest with them, especially when they’d rather not hear it. It’s easy to take someone’s money and tell them what they want to hear. Not my style.

    Your line is a great one…mind if I borrow it? Love this share economy we’re in!


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