2006: A marketing perspective

On November 28th, I wrote about a project that David Armano posed at his Logic + Emotion blog.

In short, he asked what was the most significant "something" of 2006, from a marketing perspective.  I encouraged you to drop by and share your thoughts.  Whether you did or not, try to make time to check out the post and comments now.  Lots of insightful comments  there and well worth the read. 

As he promised he would, David culled through the many perspectives and selected some to create a visual in slide show or PDF formats.  This is something you’re going to not only want to see, but to share.  Go grab it today and start a conversation. I’m honored that David used some of my thoughts on pages 5 & 7.

After you have a chance to read through it…here’s what I am wondering.  Obviously, since he asked the question on his blog, all the answers are from people who either blog or follow them.  These are, I think its safe to assume, people who are pretty up on the new media exploding in our world.  How do you think the answers would have differed if he had asked the question in a more traditional venue?

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