Are you making this marketing mistake?

Information Do you suffer from the "everyone thinks about my stuff as much as I do" mistake?  Lots of marketers do.  We think that just because we know all about our product or service offerings — that everyone else does too.

Let me shatter that illusion for you.  But gently of course.

No one cares as much about your work, your company, your product etc. as you do.  And they never will.  This includes:

  • Your employees
  • Your current clients
  • Your prospects
  • The media

Why?  Because they are being bombarded with over 3,000 marketing messages a day.  We all suffer from serious information overload.  You’re lucky to have their attention for a nanosecond. 

How do you fight against that sobering fact?  We’re going to explore that over the next few days.  But it starts with recognizing that having their attention is a luxury, not your privilege.  And that you have to put up quite a fight to get and keep their attention.

So lesson #1 is respect your audience’s reality.  Understand where they stand and where they’re trying to go.  Which often times has little to do with you.  But that can change…I promise.  But only when what matters to them also matters to you.  It is never the other way around.  Never.

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