Five Tips to Increase Online Book Sales

Book It seems like just about everyone who has written a book is pitching it on the web.  Even me!   Marketing sense tells us that the web needs to be part of any author’s strategy today.

Here are some easy and smart ways to juice your online sales.

  1. Create a blog on the same topic as your book.  I know I am probably preaching to the choir here, but it is worth saying.  Blogging is a place where birds of a feather gather together.   Gather your birds in your own nest!
  2. On your book’s/author website (or blog) include a calendar that outlines your public appearances, book signings and presentations/readings. And provide a place for people to request an appearance too!
  3. Post a sample chapter that can either be read or downloaded so they can get a taste of your style and how you approach the topic.
  4. Give the buyers lots of choices.  Don’t only have your book available on your site.  List it on Amazon,, 800CEORead, etc. as well.
  5. Identify some other authors who write in your same subject area.  rather than seeing them as competition, make them a co-conspirator!  Promote each other’s books, do some mutual giveaways and take advantage of each other’s fan base.

Rocket science?  Not really.  But you’d be amazed at how many authors think those books will sell themselves!  If you’re an author, give a couple of these a try and let me know how they work.  If you’re a reader…reward some of those authors and pick up a book or two for the holidays.

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6 comments on “Five Tips to Increase Online Book Sales

  1. Additional Tips
    1. Adding niche oriented Web pages and articles about your book’s theme will help to brand you as an expert. This will help you to sell more books and additional affiliate products as well.

    2. Learning how to place in the “Top Ten” of the major search engines to promote your niche expertise and book is also essential to your online strategy.

    All the best,
    V. Michael Santoro

  2. V. Micheal —

    Great points, thanks for adding them. I originally had 10 but decided it made the post too long!


  3. Leesa Barnes says:

    Of course, I’m biased here, but podcasting is an awesome tool. Call it a virtual book tour and have the author being interviewed by someone (a colleague, a friend, another author) about the book. Do about 12 20-minute interviews, roll them up into a podcast, then release them weekly.

  4. Leesa,

    You’re right — podcasts are a very cost effective and “sexy” new way to get your message out.

    An author’s tour without the cheap hotels and 14 hour days. Most authors would be all over that!


  5. Steve Harper says:

    Outstanding suggestions.

    Thanks for having such a great BLOG full of outstanding tips!

    Ripple On!


  6. Steve,

    I’m glad you’re finding the content here valuable. I’m really enjoying the conversations and I hope my guests/friends are as well.


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