Let them set your prices

Price_tag What if you did just that?  You let your customers determine your value.  Do you think it would work?  Would they pay you more than what you’d set as a fee or would you constantly be undercut?

What do you suppose this pricing strategy would say to your clients?  Is it a message you want to send?

One of my resolutions for ’07 is to try this with at least one client.  I’ll let you know how it works.

Want to read some more interesting thinking about pricing.  Check out Mike McLaughlin‘s Guerrilla Consulting’s pricing section.

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2 comments on “Let them set your prices

  1. Drew-

    What a cool and gutsy way of looking at a prospective new client. It would definitely encourage us to choose our clients even more carefully and to go above and beyond (both of which we should be doing anyway).


  2. Cory,

    I had the same thoughts. It’s the ultimate of put your money where your mouth is. But…how do you balance that with the fact that most of our clients (and rightly so) don’t really have a clue about what goes into the work we do?

    But…I am committed to giving it a whirl this year. It would be a very insightful experience at the very least!


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