Tell me again why you don’t blog?

Dear corporate America…little one man business…and everyone in between,

You’ve heard it before.  New media, blogging, YouTube, text messaging  etc. etc. etc.  We’ve talked about how the power is shifting from you to the consumer and how you’d better get your voice back in the conversation.  Well guess what, now it’s official.1101061225_120

Time has named their Person of the YearAnd it’s you.  And me.  And all the other voices out there.  No doubt this will be discussed and re-discussed among the blogging community as a sort of triumphant validation for being an innovator.  Interesting but not relevant for 99% of the businesses out there.

The only part of the whole discussion that you need to pay attention to is this:

How long can you afford to be silent?

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4 comments on “Tell me again why you don’t blog?

  1. Amen Drew…

    But I have to admit that 6 months ago, I didn’t know how to blog… or how to set up a blog… or… heck, I don’t even know if I could have spelled “BLOG.”

    But… after being inspired by the likes of you and Mike Sansone (, we started to crank in the blog-o-sphere.

    In Sansone’s language, it has made all the difference in our “findability” on the web.

    But… even more importantly for us, it’s helped to build a sense of community. It’s helped people to connect. And… for us… that’s part of our ovarall mission for our company.

    So… again… amen.

    For those who are thinking about jumping into blogging… DO IT! Know that you’ll make mistakes… know that it will take time… know that you’ll worry about running out of ideas. BUT, keep leaning into it… have some fun with it… and keep at it.

    It’s worth it!

    Go for it!

    Thanks Drew. Keep up the good work!

  2. Mitch,

    You are so right….keep leaning into it, have some fun, and keep at it.

    I can’t top that! Your blog is clearly an example of what happens when someone does just that.


  3. Steve Sisler says:


    Great points. I’m still learning and appreciate the patience!

  4. Steve,

    Glad you stopped by. One of the things I love most about blogging is the genuine sense of community that the more experienced bloggers offer to the new folks.

    I know I have benefited from that patience and I am sure you will as well!


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