This is your brain. This is your brain on brands.

Mri Wow. 

Just stumbled upon a WSJ article from 11-28 of this year that talks about new research that suggests that  brands can stimulate the  the human brain.  When shown the well known brand, there was a strong pattern of activity in the part of the brain associated with positive emotions, self-identification and rewards.  The lesser known brand "provoked activity in the parts of the brain associated with negative emotion and memory — suggesting that the brain has to work for a response."

The use of MRI technology to track responses eliminates the risk of dishonest or incomplete answers according to the researcher, who did this test as an add-on to a more traditional research project.

Cool eh?

Tip of the hat to David Wolfe over at Ageless Marketing for spotting the article and writing about it the day it hit the paper.  He has some very pointed and valid things to say about those in the marketing world who suggest that because of new age of one-to-one marketing, branding is dead. 

You of course, already know that’s a load of garbage.  As marketing grows more intimate and closer to the consumer — branding becomes even more vital to doing business today.  Any stranger can shout at you.  You sure don’t let just anyone whisper in your ear.  Branding matters.

Just in case the WSJ decides to take down the free posting of the article…you can download the PDF here.  Download 112806wsj.pdf

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