What does your shopping style say…

Shopping …about your marketing style?

Maybe nothing.  But a post by Valeria Maltoni over at Conversation Agent got me thinking.   Valeria’s point is that too many people buy gifts based on what they like, not the recipient.

I think most people market that way as well.  They don’t carefully consider what matters to the recipient.  They just talk about the stuff that matters to them.   Bottom line — they talk about themselves.

That’s like me buying my daughter a men’s sweater, because the color will go great with my eyes!  Why would that excite her on Christmas morning?  It wouldn’t.

But, if I am genuinely curious about her, if I get to know her likes and dislikes, if I engage her in conversation and ask her opinions — then I can get her a gift that’s right for her.

Back to marketing.  Same rules apply.   When we actually care enough to know them, we can talk to them about what matters.  To them.  To their lives.

That’s respectful marketing.  That’s effective marketing.  That’s the kind of marketing that too few do. 

Do you?  (Wow…just like Dr. Seuss but without the great illustrations!)

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2 comments on “What does your shopping style say…

  1. You managed to get a good photograph though. I like this new conceptual age of sensitive, expressive, and marketing-savvy guys!

    You get points for your keen observations about your daughter’s taste and preferences.

    It takes that extra step in marketing and it pays off a hundredfold. Especially int he satisfaction of knowing you are part of the conversation with your customers.

  2. Valeria,

    You know, that’s a very good point. Not only is it smart marketing — but its more fun and more rewarding.

    I would rather engage in a conversation that talk at someone any day. I wonder why more people don’t do it then?

    Merry Christmas!


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