:60 ticks marketing tip: I spy

60ticks_1 Grab it fast…it’s gone in about a minute.  A :60 ticks marketing tip is 150 words or less…so read it in a minute and implement it in the next!

Research shows that nearly 100% of client decision makers check out the web sites of any service provider (B-to-B) they’re considering.  Once a week, generate a report of the URLs that have visited your site and do a little homework in advance of their call!   

That’s it….go put it into action!

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2 comments on “:60 ticks marketing tip: I spy

  1. I like 60 ticks – hope this is a regular feature.


  2. Sandy,

    Thanks for the feedback. It was my thought that it would be a regular feature.

    I probably won’t anchor it on a specific day or anything…but just toss them into the mix now and then.

    I really do appreciate you taking the time to give me your take on it!


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