:60 ticks marketing tip: Hold Me!

60ticks Grab it fast…it’s gone in about a minute.  A :60 ticks marketing tip is 150 words or less…so read it in a minute and implement it in the next!

Don’t waste an opportunity to brand every customer experience.  If you have to put a caller on hold, what happens?  Consider these options over being lazy and just playing muzak or a local radio station.

  • Record client testimonials
  • Ask provocative questions (the current one at MMG is "if you were a superhero what would you insist went on your utility belt?") that reflect your brand
  • Answer a few frequently asked questions

Whatever you do, give them an option to hit a button and get to a live body.  No one’s brand includes frustrating the stuffing out of a caller because they are caught in a voice mail maze.

That’s it.  Go put it into action!

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