:60 ticks marketing tip: Close your eyes and say no

60ticks_2 Grab it fast…it’s gone in about a minute.  A :60 ticks marketing tip is 150 words or less…so read it in a minute and implement it in the next!

Close your eyes.  Picture a can of Coke.  Now in your imagination, make the can green.  What happens? 

It’s not Coke anymore, is it?  The folks at Coca-Cola headquarters are probably so sick of red they could scream — but they know better than to mess with their visual identity.

Remember that next time you want to change your logo’s color, font or other distinguishing features.  If a company with the resources of Coke recognizes the cost of messing with their brand — shouldn’t you too?

That’s it…go put it into action!  (Or in this case…inaction — leave it alone!)

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