Come out from your hiding place

Hide I’ve read that for every person who comments on a blog there are  100+ who are reading in silence.  Which is allowed. No one says you have to chime in.

But we’d sure like it if you would.  As I said to Phil Gerbyshak on the phone yesterday — every conversation is more fun if someone is actually talking back.

Phil was telling me that it’s National Delurking Week.  It’s the blogosphere’s way of inviting (yes, inviting) you to dip your toe in the water by posting a quick hi or giving me an idea you’d like us to explore here.

But, if you want to keep hiding — that’s cool too.  I hope you won’t mind that I’m going to keep seeking by posting interesting ideas, challenging commentary and trying to entice you out.

Flickr photo courtesy of Cashaww

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