Could you get to Cleveland without a map?

Lost Sure you could.  You would head in the general direction and make course corrections along the way.  But let me ask you about your journey.

  • Will you make some wrong turns?
  • Will you lose time?
  • Will you miss out on some things that happened — if only you had gotten there more efficiently?
  • Will you waste gas and other resources?
  • Will this method add to your stress?

It doesn’t sound like the smartest way to get to Cleveland does it?  Why not just use Mapquest or AAA triptik?

Now, let’s refocus the lens and think about your marketing efforts.  Same question.  Could you reach your sales/marketing goals without a map?  Sure.  Head in the general direction, etc. etc. 

But couldn’t you ask yourself those same questions and arrive at the same answers?   That’s why having a marketing plan is so critical.  You don’t have the time, resources or the TUMS supply to wing it.  Yet…and this will either embarrass or amaze you — 95% of all businesses do not have a marketing plan.

Cindy Pinsonnault over at Pinsonnault Creative explores why people are so reticent to create a plan.  She’s exactly right.  My point is — it doesn’t matter.

Get over yourself.  Get over your insecurities.  Get over your time issues.  Even if it is a one page matrix that outlines the five tactics, the three audiences and the timetable each tactic will follow, it beats nothing.

Get out of your car.  Get to your desk.  No more driving blind.  Promise?

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