Ease into the week – rather fight than switch?

I don’t know about you but Sunday nights are time for me to catch up.  On my reading, on my work, on my relationships — all with an eye on Monday morning and knowing that the 180 mph pace is about to resume.

Sundays also seem to be my day for deep thoughts.  I thought it might be fun to ease into the week together with a question that is sort of about branding and marketing but also has a personal element to it as well.  A chance to get to know each other AND talk shop.  Perfect for a Sunday night.

Most of you will be too young to remember the famous Tareyton cigarette campaign which proclaimed "I’d rather fight than switch."    Here’s a flash from the past for those of you who love vintage ads.

So here’s the question to take us into the first 5 day work week of ’07.  What brand would inspire you to utter the infamous line, "I’d rather fight then switch?"

For me, it’s Coke.  If a waitress says "we serve Pepsi" I respond with "I’ll have iced tea."  I fell in love with the brand as a teen.  For me, Coke is Americana, baseball, and being old fashioned neighborly. 

There are few treats I love more than an ice cold Coke in the bottle.  It’s no one I indulge in very often, but it’s one of my favorites.

How about you…what brand is non-negotiable for you?

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