Hey there, hi there, ho there…Marketeers Club!

20070119marketeer_1 The Mouseketeers reined supreme in the late 50’s as the ambassadors of the Mickey Mouse Club.  They sang, they danced and they were the symbols of all that was wholesome and good.

They hosted the Mickey Mouse Club and if you remember, each day had a special theme.

Mondays:  Fun with Music
Tuesdays: Guest Star
Wednesdays: Anything Can Happen
Thursdays:  Circus
Fridays:  Talent Round Up

Well, fast-forward about 50 years (gulp!) and I’d like to introduce you to a new club and its ambassadors – the Marketeers!

Like their predecessors, they gather together to celebrate what they believe in and the tools of their trade.  Here are some of the Marketeers themes.

Fun with Senses.  These Marketeers understand that to engage their audience their marketing efforts must use words, ideas and visuals to tickle the senses.

Guest Star.  Our Marketeers are smart enough to realize that the real guest star in any marketing is the consumer.  They deserve the spotlight, the attention and the applause.   Rather than hogging the mic, they wisely hand it off to the consumer, so they can share in the conversation.

Anything Can Happen When You Use Your Imagination. You can count on a Marketeer finding an inventive way to think creatively and tap into a human truth or two. 

Surprise!  Yes, like the circus theme of the original club, this day is all about not communicating in a trite, tired cliché just because its easier, cheaper or the client will buy it.

Talent Round Up.  An easy way to spot a Marketeer is that they’ve surrounded themselves with other smart, funny, clever, thought-provoking marketing pros.  Better yet — they reach out to help and support one another.  A Marketeer understands that the age of cooperation and sharing is a part of the new day.

A tough club to belong to, eh?  I agree.   But, the benefits are well worth the effort.

So who do we know that’s worthy of being named a Marketeer?  Who has earned the right to wear these hallowed ears?

Keep an eye right here for our inaugural honoree!

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