Love me or let me go (part deux)

Love A couple days ago, I suggested that if you couldn’t love your clients — you owed it to them to fire them.   Our clients deserve not only good service and competent skills.  They deserve  our love.

The same, I believe, is true of our employees.  If you don’t love them — fire them.  Of course, loving them doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have to part ways either.  Sometimes the best thing you can do for an employee who’s the wrong fit or can’t wrap their skills or attitude around your organization is to let them go.  Give them the kick in the pants they need to find a place where they can be successful and contribute.

How does loving your employees benefit you, the company and your customers?

  • Selfishly, you get to work with people you love 
  • It builds incredible trust and loyalty (both ways)
  • Your employees care about you, the business and your clients as though they owed the joint
  • Better profits, lower turnover, more fun
  • They get better because you care enough to help them get better
  • It’s authentic

Over at Innovation Compass, Susie de Ville Schiffli paints a nice picture of what a loving company looks like.  If it doesn’t sound like your place of business — what can you do about that?

Flickr photo courtesy of omnia.