Should I launch this product?

I need some advice.  Let me give you the facts.

  1. I have a new product that is going to create incredible immediate demand.  No questions asked.
  2. It is unique and it will take my competitors awhile to catch up.
  3. I will not be able to actually deliver the product until the middle of summer ’07.
  4. I have a name for it, but another company owns the rights to that name.

Here’s my question.  Should I announce my product and launch the marketing of it this week?

My guess is that most of you will tell me no.  Deal with the legal issues.  Don’t create demand you cannot fulfill.  And yet, Apple announced the iPhone this week and is now stuck in a quagmire with Cisco Systems suing them over the name and the actual product not being ready for months.

Maybe you’re smarter than I am and can help me figure out how in the world they talked themselves into thinking this week’s announcement was a smart strategy.

What do you think?

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