:60 ticks marketing tip: Left is perfectly right

60ticks_2 Grab it fast…it’s gone in about a minute.  A :60 ticks marketing tip is 150 words or less…so read it in a minute and implement it in the next!

There is a myth that goes like this…print ads located on the left hand page or in the back of a magazine or newspaper will get substantially lower readership.

Like most myths, there’s not much truth to it. A recent study shows that there is less than a 2.1% difference in average reader interest for left versus right pages. As for front versus back of the book, the difference is only 3.2%.

Not surprising, the #1 factor in influencing readership is creativity. How interesting and useful is the ad? In the end, it’s about what you have to say and how you say it. 

So, next time you are placing an ad, worry less about where you put it and more about what you put into it.

That’s it…go put it into action!

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