A marketing tip from my Italian grandma: Speak in your native tongue

No doubt you look at my last name and say Italian?  But rest assured, on my mom’s side I’m your amico!  Like all Italians, I had an Italian grandma.  And like all Italian grandmas, she had an opinion about everything and wasn’t afraid to share it or the life lessons she had collected along her colorful life. 

What she didn’t realize is that she also taught me some great marketing tips that in her honor, I’d like to share with you.

Granny3 When I got under my grandma’s skin (which I must admit, I did on purpose now and again) she would give me "the look" (as illustrated to the right) and then she’d wave her hand in the air and mutter "oh Madonne" which roughly translates to "a prayer of patience to the Virgin Mary or "Madonna dell’Oh di mine."  (If that’s not quite right, blame me and the online translator!)

In fact, you knew she was completely in her zone (happy, mad, sad etc.) when the Italian came out.

When she wasn’t being cautious or conscious about how she sounded or was in a peak state –she slipped into her family’s native tongue.

It was when there was no doubt about how she was feeling.  Complete authenticity.

That’s a lesson that as marketers we should embrace as well. 

The community, our customers and prospects can tell when we are speaking in our native tongue and when we’re trying to spin doctor something.  When you are completely in your zone — talking to a client or your internal team, you are probably talking very naturally, without a lot of jargon or hype. 

Now look at your website, brochures, and ads.  Do they have that same authenticity or are they filled with ad speak?  Maybe it’s time to switch to your native tongue?

Here’s the entire Marketing Tips from My Italian Grandma series, for your enjoyment:

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