A whole lotta Drew

20061218drew7 If you care to, you can practically pick your medium and find a little bit of me there.

The good news is…you can completely ignore me in each and every one of these venues… and STILL learn a lot about branding, blogging and relationship building.   I just happen to be there too.


So go ahead and take your pick.

Live Radio:  Tuesday night, I’ll join the BlogTalk radio show Nuts and BlogBolts to talk branding.  Hosts Mike Sansone and Wayne Hurlbert will no doubt lead a lively conversation with the likes of myself, Valeria Maltoni, Mike Wagner, Derrick Daye and John Moore.  It should be a good time and I am looking forward to learning quite a bit.

20061218drew4_1 Podcast:  If you can’t listen to the Nuts and BlogBolts show live,  you can download the postcast here.

Print/Blog:  My friend Phil Gerbyshak over at Make It Great! does some insightful interviews with authors, thinkers and relationship geeks.   I’m not sure what possessed him…but he’s decided to interview me and give away a few copies of my book.

Live Conference Presentation:  I’m joining some smart20061218drew7_1 speakers, bloggers and thinkers (see Mike Sansone and Phil Gerbyshak above) to be a part of SOBCON ’07.    Chicago.  May.  You should come.

Whew….that’s a whole lotta Drew!  TV may be your only escape!

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8 comments on “A whole lotta Drew

  1. Congrats, Drew, you’re really doing well as a blogger!

  2. Hey Drew,
    Just found your website. Great educational resource on marketing and branding.
    Keep up the great writing Drew.

  3. Drew:

    A real pleasure getting to know your thinking voice to voice. That was a spirited discussion!

  4. Robyn,

    Thanks…but I think the little flurry of Drew sightings is really about meeting some very good people here in the blogosphere and their graciousness as they include me in some fun things.

    Which is just fine by me!


  5. Craig,

    Glad you stumbled upon us! Hope you’ll come back soon.


  6. Phil,

    Why did I just hear Austin Powers coming out of your mouth??


  7. Valeria,

    Right back at you. I knew you’d take the conversation to interesting places and you sure did that!

    I can’t wait until next time.


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