Hey Cupid – Who loves ya baby?

Pic2_1 It’s Valentine’s Day and at McLellan Marketing Group that means that cupid appears in the unlikely semblance of Telly Savalas.

For those of you old enough (boy, do I hate having to start sentences with that phrase!) to remember Telly’s performance as the NYC detective Kojak, you will recognize the lollipop-laden quip.

So here’s how I show and share the love to the MMGers on this day of affection.  I gather up a bevy of Valentine’s Day themed prizes.  Kissing Instructor boxers, red stuffed bears, boxes of truffles, a pink scented candle and the like. 

Then, I get on the PA at the office and ask "Who loves ya baby?" followed by a holiday themed trivia question.  It could be about a love story, how many women send themselves flowers on the holiday (15%) or who said a famous quote about love.  The employees must then run (Yes, I want to hear the sounds of the thundering approach) and whoever arrives at my office first with the correct answer gets to choose from the prize pool.

Pic1 Silly?  You bet.  Something fun to look forward to every year?  I hope so.  Something that both lets my employees know that I love them and because it’s a little off center, speaks to our brand — that’s my plan.

So on behalf of all the MMGers — Happy who loves ya baby day!

Do you actively look for ways to:

  • Give your employees something to look forward to?
  • Let your employees know that you love them?
  • Find a way to brand all the little things you do?

If not…when are you going to start?

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8 comments on “Hey Cupid – Who loves ya baby?

  1. Ciao Drew:

    I’m not saying I’m old enough to remember the original Kojak… I saw it years later when it was dubbed for the Italian market;-) And I liked Telly Savalas in the role.

    This post gave me a big smile, thank you!

  2. Oh yeah, I remember Telly. I even know why the character always had a lollipop (Telly was trying to quit smoking and thought it would work for Kojak, too. And it did. (Worked for me, too, when I was quitting.)

    As far as employee love? I give as good as get … and then some.

  3. Ciao Valeria,

    Yes…I figured you were much too young to know who Telly was.

    Can’t ask for more than delivering a smile directly to you on Valentine’s Day!


  4. Roberta,

    Uh, are we talking self-love here?


  5. Uh, define “self-love” :=)

  6. Ummm… Do you buy yourself Valentine’s candy?

  7. Drew–it sounds like Valentine’s Day at MMG is truly a day when “strategy and PASSION collide!” Shirley

  8. Shirley,

    We sure try!


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