Is that an r?

Picture_3_1 Seriously — I get that we need these things to avoid the bots leaving 3,256 comments.  But must we make them so difficult for a middle-aged human to read?

Or am I the only one that ends up re-doing them because I cannot distinguish between a v and a u?

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9 comments on “Is that an r?

  1. Paul McEnany says:

    I actually just finally turned off captcha last Friday, and guess how many spam comments I’ve gotten so far?

    Zero. Not too shabby. I guess the basic protection is working!

  2. Paul,

    I do think we over “secure” our sites. I know the spam is annoying but to your point, I think it’s more in our head than on our blogs!


  3. Gavin Heaton says:

    I always thought I had good eyesight until I hit the captcha tests.

    But even those sites that DONT have captcha enabled, I get caught with an additional layer due to my domain name.

  4. Mack Collier says:

    Exactly. It’s gotten to where I will just type gibberish to get the pic to reload and pray it’s something that’s a bit more legible.

    I hated having to add comment verification to TVG, but it has all but eliminated comment spam.

  5. I hear (and see) you! I invariably get one of these wrong a day … and that’s with me wearing progressives, no less.

  6. Gavin: Well, you are a hellion — no wonder they have the security sensors set for you!

    Mack: That’s a good idea. I try to guess and then get frustrated when I get it wrong. I’m going to try the jibberish method from now on!

    Roberta: Me too. Rarely a day goes by that one of those little grey boxes doesn’t best me!

  7. It’s so good to know I’m not alone! I have caught myself picking up my laptop and moving it around to get a better take on what the letter is supposed to be. Oh, well. I’ll have to try jibberish…

  8. PS: I just caught myself trying to enter the code from your post into the box up there [and 2x clicking it makes it appear in a separate window] without success.

  9. C.B.

    isn’t it funny — it’s such a little thing and yet it drives us all a little nuts.

    I very much appreciate the bots that provide words but in a combination that you would never normally see like:


    I vote for those!


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