Technorati tag cloud — what does it say?

Picture_13 I was checking Technorati tonight and the tag cloud on the home page caught my eye. 

These are the things we — the entire blogging world — are talking about.

For those of you who aren’t as familiar with tag clouds — the bigger the type, the more frequently blog posts are tagged with that word.  In this moment of time — this is what matters to us enough that we write about it.

Where’s the marketing lesson in the cloud?

Pop culture is clearly huge.  Shock tactics (like shaving your head) still work.  Despite the mainstream media focus, people aren’t ready to talk/think presidential race ’08 yet.

What do you see in the cloud?

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2 comments on “Technorati tag cloud — what does it say?

  1. I see the end of civilization as we know it. :=)

    Seriously, I see a country who would rather focus on some undereducated, clearly unbalanced pop tarts rather than the larger issues of the day. Why? #1/It’s easier and more entertaining. #2/We can look at ANS’s death and Britney’s meltdown and feel better about ourselves.

  2. Roberta,

    Ahh, you make me laugh out loud!

    I think you’re right — it’s scarier to face the real issues of the day. And compared to many Hollywood types we look downright normal!


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