The romance is dead!

Wilted Ahh, the wooing.  The courtship.  The attention.  The expressions of heartfelt love.  A belated Valentine’s Day post?  Nope.  Just a reminder of how you behaved as you were chasing that potential client.

Until you caught them.  Then the romance was over.  No more flowers, candy, late night calls.  Now it’s business as usual. 

If this sounds uncomfortably like you — don’t worry.  When you lose that client to the competitor who woos them away, you can always turn on the charm and find a new one.  And so on and so on…

Or, here’s a novel idea.  Keep the romance alive.

Cam Beck talks about this phenomenon over at ChaosScenario.  As Cam always is — it’s  worth the read.

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3 comments on “The romance is dead!

  1. Cam,

    You’re right of course. Disney is one of the few brands that tries very hard to stay connected with their current customers.

    Although I will tell you, as a frequent visitor and member of their vacation club properties (their time share ownership) I do think there are things they could do better. Even Disney can improve.

    I take heart in that — there’s room for all of us to get better!


  2. ann.michael says:

    Did you see Kathy Sierra’s post from a similar perspective?

    Too true!


  3. Ann,

    Nope…but I will now! Thanks for sharing!


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