Vote in SuperBowl Ads Poll — What had buzz?

It’s finally time.  The SuperBowl. All the hype has led to this.  Ready or not.

Vote here on which SuperBowl ad you believe will have the biggest buzz.  UPDATE:  If you’d like, view all the ads here.

And…just to get you in the mood, here’s a snippet from one of Anheuser-Busch‘s amazing tally of 9 spots.

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8 comments on “Vote in SuperBowl Ads Poll — What had buzz?

  1. Sherry Borzo says:

    I actually really liked the blockbuster adds but maybe they weren’t part of the official entries. There were a couple in the first half that were clever and helped me remember the brand after I saw them. I even recall that the competitive advantage against Netflix is that you can return movies faster if you want while at Netflix you have to wait for the mail all the time.

  2. Sherry,

    An ususual SuperBowl ad — one that is actually trying to sell something!

    I am sure there were ads I missed — some of the advertisers didn’t want to disclose that they’d bought time before the game. I suppose they wanted to capitalize on the surprise factor.


  3. Steve Sisler says:

    How about the ad with Oprah and Letterman? That was outrageous and totally unexpected! Dave’s follow up on the show last night regarding Oprah was a 180 degree turnaround from where his position was a year ago. Isn’t it great that they can all play nice in the sand box????

  4. Hi Drew,

    The snippet you have here is another great one. I posted my favorite over at PurpleWren.

    Makes me wish the SuperBowl was more than once a year!

    I love being able to enjoy the ads over and over and to share them. It was fun to look at some of the great ones from past years, too.


  5. Charles says:

    I was disapointed this year. There wasn’t anything remarkable or very funny. Everything seemed very ordinary, stuff that you see every day.

  6. Steve,

    The Letterman/Oprah spot got a lot more play because they could also talk about it, extend the gag, on their shows.

    Extensions like that, on a campaign, are a key way to really make sure a communications message gets planted.


  7. Sandy,

    You make a good point. The last few years, we’ve been able to indulge ourselves in the one or two spots that really tickled our fancy.

    Remember back in the day, when you couldn’t even record them off the TV?

    We’ve come a long way….


  8. Charles,

    I thought they were all okay. Nothing spectacular.

    There were very few that surprised me. I think TV spots, to create that level of buzz, need to have an element of surprise in them.


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