Five minute sex tips?



One of the "learn more" about my readers exercises I routinely do is to examine the words that people enter into Google or other search engines to navigate to Drew’s Marketing Minute.  Most of them are what you’d expect, but some of them just crack me up, so I thought I’d share.

I just have to say…some of them must be so disappointed when they arrive at a branding & marketing blog!

  • Five minute sex tips  (I can hear this guy cursing up a storm — who cares about marketing!  I’m down to 4 minutes!)
  • Kemp‘s maple ice cream
  • Plumbing (wow…I can hear the water overflowing out of the toilet and he’s now engrossed in some post!)
  • How to say lipstick on a pig in Italian (Why would you want to??)
  • Sex for money
  • Junkett custard
  • How do you spell posse (wouldn’t have been easier?)
  • Family guy phone ringtone

My point is two-fold.  First — just to share a good laugh with you on the weekend.  But second and more seriously — if you aren’t trying to learn more about your readers and what they  want to talk about, you are missing a serious opportunity. 

For every five minute sex tip entry, I saw plenty of  branding, employee loyalty, market plans, authentic voice, copywriting entries.  That does my heart good.  it means I’m doing my job.

But obviously I am going to have to throw in a sex tip now and then!  Who knew?   

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