4 comments on “What should guide your company?

  1. In general true. The rally cry, condensed mission statement, and brand message should be one and the same.

    But what does “organizing principle” mean? The mission/brand statement should be something solid for at least 4-5 years. However, I think management and employees can rally internally around a principle or quotation that reflects a unique direction for the company over an 18 month period, as changes in the marketplace and company performance are observed. The “organizing principle” at that point would be a tactic, to connect employees back with the mission statement.

  2. Mario,

    I believe that a brand can be the core of a company’s culture and business strategy. Everything revolves around keeping the brand promise, so business decisions are made, based on if they align with that goal.

    I think, using Jim Collin’s language, we need to establish shorter term goals or base camps to shoot for. Those are the 12-18 month targets that change as new heights are reached or the marketplace shifts.

    Does that connect with how you see it?


  3. Mario Vellandi says:

    I see employees embracing what the brand means on an macro level, while

    Messages and short term goals act on a sub level to connect with the brand over its lifecycle.

  4. Mario,

    I agree completely. While is it important to have the “big picture” employees/teams need shorter, achievable goals to shoot for too.

    Sort of the best of both worlds.


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