Microsoft takes on Apple’s iPhone with ZenZui

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 Maybe this is why Apple and Steve Jobs announced the iPhone when they did….

Yesterday, Microsoft Corp. announced the launch of ZenZui, an independent company with the mission of transforming the way people engage, consume and interact with Web content through a revolutionary mobile user experience and information ecosystem. 

With ZenZui, your phone screen is a portal into your own customized Zoomspace, an information landscape of personalized, cached content that we call Tiles because they reflect your lifestyle. Using a single thumb, you fly in and out of your Zoomspace — two simple taps gets you directly to any Tile.

Read the official press release over at Virtual Generations.

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9 comments on “Microsoft takes on Apple’s iPhone with ZenZui

  1. Hi Drew,

    Thanks for the link to, I appreciate it! 🙂


  2. I think Microsoft definitely has something up their sleeve with this, but I think its more approachable along the Zune product line.

    I’m a Microsofty but I can’t help but say I smell vaporware.

    And if you are looking for a great mobile experience – you can’t look much further than Windows Mobile 6…

  3. Cam Beck says:

    This looks pretty neat… But I am skeptical anytime someone claims they want to “change the way” people interact with anything. Looking at it on the screen, the person makes it look easy, but in truth, it’s not all that easy to change long accustomed behavior patterns as product designers tend to think.

    IDEO, for instance, redesigned toothpaste tubes for a client, and they replaced the screw cap with a flip top. What they found after testing it with people was that, although it was “easier” to use, people still tried to screw off the cap. Thus, they went back to the screw cap.

  4. Jaap,

    You bet…thanks for finding the story!


  5. Andy,

    What about this makes it sound like vaporware to you?

    As a Mac guy, I must admit, I don’t pay much attention to what Microsoft does.

    So are you saying you think this is just a suped up Zune?


  6. Cam,

    You have me nodding. You’re right…habits are pretty engrained. Do you think this product waiting in the wings had anything to do with Apple’s announcement?

    Your toothpaste argument is a good one but how does that relate to the fact that noawdays, most tooothpaste is not in a tube at all? Does that contridict the flip top change’s conclusions?


  7. Cam Beck says:

    Drew – It’s strange. The first time I saw a flip top tube of toothpaste, I was thrilled. I operated it just fine. Then, without explanation, they went away, and I was disappointed.

    Now they appear to be back, and I find myself occasionally trying to twist it off. Go figure. I guess I had ten years to further become entrenched in my habit.

    I wouldn’t say that toothpaste is no longer put in tubes at all, but that it’s in a different type of tube. I still call whatever it is they come in “tubes.” What is the correct term?

    While we’re at it, there’s another hard habit to break: Changing the way we speak about the things we’ve come accustomed to.

    Do you call them adheseive bandages or band-aids? Tissues or kleenexes? “Balls of Whacks” or “Rhombic Triacontahedrons?” 🙂

  8. Cam Beck says:

    Oh, and to your other question, I have no idea if this was waiting in the wings or not, but if it were, you’d think it would have the ability to play music.

  9. Cam,

    Hmm, they’re not tubes. They’re more like little plastic bottles. I wonder if we buy toothpaste in the same sort of container?

    (I’m e-mailing you photos so we can see.)

    I was just having this brand names becomes generic names (i.e. roller blades) discussion with a client today. Not sure he’s tracking with me. We’ll try again tomorrow!

    And my answers…band-aid, kleenex, and balls of whacks, for sure!


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