Now I really heart NY!

Drewckedit Imagine a whirlwind, fast-paced 3+ hour conversation that spanned welcoming new bloggers, world politics, collaboration, prejudice, writing styles, buying shoes, the folly of mixing cough medicine and client meetings, working in sweats, life partners, a passion for marketing and seducing the elderly.

Who could possibly cover all that with wit, eloquence and style?

None other than our CK.  I had the amazing good fortune of sharing a magnificent dinner at Keens, much laughter and a few good hugs with her this weekend.  I have no doubt we will share many more over the years.

I have loved NYC for a long time. The energy, the theatre district and for me, many wonderful memories.

But after this past weekend, I have another reason to love NYC.

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6 comments on “Now I really heart NY!

  1. CK says:

    NYC hearts you right back! The pleasure was all mine; while I was supposed to be host you were so gracious. I continue to learn so much from your blog–and now in person, too. I truly appreciate that you made time to meet with me while you were here…come back soon, eh? That wasn’t really a question, just a polite “action point” ;-).

  2. Andy Drish says:


    How often do you make it to NY and what would you compare it to? Chicago? LA? Des Moines… 😉 I have always been interested in going to NY. I actually have some free money from American Airlines that I must use by August and NY was definitely on the list (along with LA, San Diego, and Europe) If you were in NY for a week, what would you do?

  3. Jim Kukral says:

    Share your reasons to love NY here! I love it too!

  4. CK — It was a great few hours and I’m grateful you braved your cold and the rain just for me.

    We’re talking maybe this summer, if we can make the timing work. So it may be sooner than you’d wish!! 🙂


  5. Andy,

    Well it depends on how much $ you have to spend once you arrive at your destination. I love both Chicago and NYC. They’re both high energy cities — but nothing compares with NYC. Night or day, the streets are filled with people from all over the world. Everything is open 24/7 it seems and there’s a cool factor to the whole city.

    Chicago to me is the midwest, slowed down version of that.


  6. Jim,

    Will do! Lots about NYC to love!


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