Sampler platter marketing?

Sampler Last night, I ate at a restaurant called Buddakan.  It’s offers modern Asian cuisine and since I was part of a large group (15) they served everything family style.  But their version of family style was lots and lots of small sampler sized items.  Everyone got to try a little of everything, but no one felt "stuck" eating just one thing.

Which got me thinking.  First about my agency brothren and sisters:

How good are we, as agencies, at offering clients that option?  Do you offer a "sampler platter" of marketing tactics or must a new client sign on for the whole kit n’ kaboodle?  Can a prospect take you on a test drive?

For the non-agency readers: 

How about you?  Does anyone in your industry offer a bite of this and a bite of that so the customer can determine the best option?  If no one is doing it, is it worth trying?

I wonder if this strategy isn’t a reasonable one for a business whose price of entry scares off otherwise viable prospects.  What do you think?

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