Should you offer a guarantee?

Guarantee2 You probably already do, implicitedly. 

After all, if a customer is very unhappy with your service or product aren’t you going to do something — fix it, replace it, return it, repeat it, refund it– to make them happy?

Offering a guarantee is just merchandising and marketing your unspoken policy.  But, the difference between letting it just be assumed and using it as a marketing advantage can be notable.  Here are some of the advantages:

  • It reassures the first time buyer that they have a safety net
  • It sets the bar for your employees
  • It gives you a platform to have a "here’s what we expect" conversation with your sub-contractors
  • It clearly communicates your confidence in your product/service
  • It allows you to define the terms of how you satisfy an unhappy client up front

You’re going to make it right anyway — so why not use it as a point of difference?

What experiences have you had with a guarantee — either as the customer or the company?  Do you have a nightmare to share?  Has it ever saved a customer relationship for you?

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