Steve Jobs – $400 million smart

Iphone1 The front page of US Today’s Money section offers Apple a big pat on the back for their iPhone launch in January.

The article quotes a Harvard Business School professor who says that Apple has generated over $400 million in free publicity and Peter Sealey is later quoted, calling Steve Jobs is the best marketing CEO in the business.

Citing the 80% market share that the iPod enjoys (which now generates 50% of Apple’s revenues) the article goes on to list the high points of what they deem the Apple marketing manual.

  • Make innovative products
  • Keep it simple
  • Create truly memorable ads
  • Find an enemy
  • Offer surprises
  • Put on a show

Just listen to that string of words:  Innovative. Simple. Memorable.  Hero (my edit). Surprises. Show.

Wow.  (Not like a Microsoft wow…a real wow!)

What do you think?  Which item on this list do you think most businesses are best at?  Worst?

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