Give a little

Give Go on… give a little. 

I promise you — if you give generously, without asking what’s in it for me — you won’t believe the rewards that come your way. 

Lewis Green of bizsolutionsplus shares his thoughts about giving back…and has some interesting research statistics on how being selfless might pay off for your business. 

Want some recent examples of how good giving back looks?


Gavin Heaton’s Servant of ChaosHe’s approaching his 500th blog link and in true Gavin fashion, he’s made it about giving.  If you’ve never linked to him before and you introduce your readers to his thinking (a good idea anyway) and make a comment on his blog you might be the lucky 500th blog!  If so, you’ll get to a guest post on Gavin’s blog and have the chance to introduce yourself to his many readers.

CK of the infamous CK’s Blog is on round two of her incredibly successful book club via Marketing Profs.  The book this time is Al & Laura Reis’ The Origin of Brands.  Whether you have read the book or not, jump into the lively discussions.  What’s amazing about this is that everyone is giving.  CK moderates and orchestrates the whole thing.  The authors participate in the discussions and share their insights (when was the last time you got to brand banter with two best selling authors?) and Marketing Profs makes it all possible.

So what do you say…what could you give?

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