Try this experiment on your employees

Experiment No lab coat required.

If you asked your peers/employees to tell you in a sentence what your company’s compelling reason for being was – what would they say?

If you are like most companies, they would burst out laughing.

And then odds are, every one of them would give you a different answer.

How can we expect our employees to deliver consistent quality and service/products that are aligned with the company’s core mission if they don’t know (and really know) not only WHAT it is, but WHAT it means, WHY it matters and HOW you make it real?

This isn’t just a marketing slogan of the month or rattling off a buzz word or two – this is taking the time to define the heart and soul of why you are in business – from your consumer’s point of view.

Try it. Come back and tell us about the experiment. 

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5 comments on “Try this experiment on your employees

  1. Bob Glaza says:

    Another great random experiment, Drew. Just last week I was asked the question. My response was met with some skepticism – likely because it is a bit idealistic. But my organization? we are created and exist as a community building tool. To gain more knowledge of how we live and work with one another – in this place.

    Now I get to ask a few people 🙂

  2. Matt,

    Did something specific prompt the desire/need to go through the work of aligning your internal and external image?

    How far along are you in the process?


  3. Wow Bob — that is idealistic. But it sounds like a company that could inspire me to deliver and give my best effort.

    Did they look at you funny because you were wrong, in their opinion or because they hadn’t thought about it that deeply before?


  4. Marie,

    Exactly. As human beings we need direction and something to shoot for. We want our time/work to matter.

    We get that in personal terms but often times, employers miss the boat in this area.


  5. Irene —

    I don’t believe 100% of the responsibility for knowing and growing a brand sits at the employers’ feet.

    It’s not so much about memorizing the mission statement. It is having a gut level understanding of what their company’s brand promise is.

    That requires a partnership between employer and employee. And I believe that requires both sides to willingly come to the table, ready to help the other side be successful too.


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